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  • Book summary of: Executive Toughness by Jason Selk

    The following information is the key ideas of what I have learned after reading ‘Executive Toughness’ by Dr. Jason Selk. You can buy a copy of thi...
  • Our Unique Plan to Eliminate Involuntary Homelessness

    I never wanted to create a clothing brand to make a quick buck (which would be a terrible way to make fast money). I created Son of Man Skate to make a real and tangible difference in our world.

    A key part of my Christian faith is loving God and loving people. It’s for this reason that it breaks my heart to see the pure volume of homeless in Wellington and other cities around the world.
  • Season 2 Shirt Design Commentary/ Time-lapse

    Hey everyone! Im currently in the process of creating season 2 for Son of Man Skate. A few hat samples should be arriving in a couple of days and I...
  • What it takes to launch a clothing brand from scratch

      On January 28, 2019, I launched my Christian streetwear brand Son of Man Skate. However, this was after many months of testing and experimenting...