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3 Steps to Reading Your Bible More


In Psalm 119, David writes phrases that include:


  • “I have treasured your word” (verse 11)
  • “I rejoice” (verse 14)
  • “I delight in your commands” (verse 47)
  • “How sweet your word is”. (verse 103)


Wouldn’t it be great if we felt the same way about the Bible as David felt about God’s word?


We are so blessed to have a resource such as the bible that contains God's word and yet we often see reading it as a chore or something we are supposed to do but do not want to do.


We all know as Christians, we should read our bible more and the power behind it and yet we still don’t.


I got to a point where I really wanted to read more of God’s word but struggled to find the motivation to do so.


Since then I have discovered some ways to make the Bible fun to read and it has now turned in to a part of the day I look forward to instead of dreading.


Step 1: You don’t need to learn something every time you read the Bible.


Often we will read our bible with a pre-determined goal of learning something by the end of our session. Although it is a great practice to write down what you learned from the bible and how it applies to your life, you don’t need to do this every time you read the Bible. By doing this, you are putting too much pressure on your self and it turns reading the Bible from something relaxing into homework.


Instead, just read whatever you are currently reading as if it was a novel, understand the characters and understand the setting and all of a sudden whatever you are reading will become much more interesting!


Step 2: Don’t read one chapter/ one page at a time.


It may seem counterproductive to read more of a book that you are not finding interesting but its a step of faith that has big results.


The bible isn’t a novel but sometimes you should read it like one. You wouldn’t just read one or two pages of a novel at a time, would you? It would get boring and you would feel disconnected with the story every time you pick it up. Your mind would never get an opportunity to get lost in the story. So why do we do this with the Bible?


I don’t know about you but I would often just read the bible chapter by chapter and I felt so disconnected and not interested in the story. By reading maybe two or more chapter at a time we begin to understand the narrative of the book more easily and can begin to get lost in the story.


One thing that helped me to really become hooked on reading the Bible was understanding the book I was actually reading. How I did this was to watch a Bible Project video on the book I was reading before I read it, while I was reading it and after I read. They have a video on every book in the bible and it helps you to understand the setting and context of the book and makes reading it much more engaging.


Step 3: Read the Bible in a different translation


It is easy for the Bible to start to sound the same in our heads as we read it more. Once you have read a few books of the Bible, it may be interesting to start to read in a new translation. If you do not have physical copies of different translations, you can easily access different translations through the Bible app.


Take notice of the different words used and different phrases. This is a great way to change up your current Bible reading habits.


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